Triumph Over Circumstance

Triumph Over Circumstance

Yesterday, TalkingHeels had the great pleasure of previewing a smart, funny film about a young girl who strives for academic success despite her challenging economic and social circumstances.  I laughed, Aldith cried but Sam was the only one wisely dressed for the chic occasion.  It was a heartwarming tale directed by fellow Jamaican, Marcia Weekes, and filmed on location in picturesque, Barbados.  Chrissy came packed with a touching faith-filled message of hope and perseverance and was a solid production despite it's grassroots beginnings. We encourage everyone to support this film and tell a friend.

Be sure to check your local listing for showings and like the project on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Chrissymovie).

Above: The Crew with Director, Marcia Weeks, and Lead Actress, Makalah Harrison.

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