To Be Or Not To Be A Plasticarian

To Be Or Not To Be A Plasticarian

So i am checking out of my local whole foods waiting for my co worker and pick up the free publications.  On browsing the articles Plastic free hits a nerve.The need to recycle has long a habit many European countries but here in the US each state part takes at its own leisure. In Georgia most county's have recycle bins for aluminum in California  all recyclable material are separated.

On reading the  article "Go Plastic -Free" Green living by Randy Kambic and further research the issue I have begun  to think about my carbon foot print. I have no plans to go cold turkey, I have a Two children a husband who does not think about any the green issues. I will have  to break the news to him gently. Giving up plastic is a close to impossible , when think of the amount of things we use daily covered in plastic it makes my head spin. My  contribution will be to search out alternative packaging (I will let you know what I find) return shopping bags back  supermarket recycle bins. Reuse containers . Buy things packaged in glass. Stop buying bottled water and purchases bio degradable plastics.

Its a start.








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