To Knit With Love, Knit To Heal

To Knit With Love, Knit To Heal

We are almost through the season of good will, joy and new beginnings. For some it is a time of stress, loneliness and depression. We have all experienced some form of tragedy and have found ways of working through it.

I recently read a story of a women began to knit when her husband died. She set out to make a hat for each year of their marriage ,64 the hats were then sent to children's hospitals some five years later she has made over 500 hats the word has spread donations of yarn and hats are received weekly . On further research I found a similar project in New York . John Carroll who would gather his friends and family together to collect hats and scarves for the homeless and hand them out at Christmas . sadly John died suddenly in 1998.

On a personal note I remember knitting for therapy , during one the life great stresses , the physical of making something shifts your focus.  The project in England , Bonnie babies started by making burial outfits for premature babies. Some years later they are now a registered charity servicing many hospitals in the UK check out the photo library on their site: www.bonniebabies.co.uk


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