“Monkey Salad saved me “

“Monkey Salad saved me “

Well its day 25 of #Whole30 my training partner and friend of. Twenty years persuaded me to take on the challenge.Cauliflower rice chicken eggplant and mushrooms

So I do the usual searches online what is it , how does it work, the does and dont's .  This not a diet for losing weight . It's about clean eating , conscious eating and cleansing your system .

I started my health journey five years ago , I became more aware of the importance of regular exercise and making better food choices . We all have family  members with diet-related illness ( high blood pressure , heart condition or diabetes ) I need to work on stopping the trend with me . I have mentioned on many podcasts how great the company I work for is . Very proactive wellness program . Daily excise classes , personal trainer , dietitian and discount gym memberships .

Now that the aging process has taken hold of my body , all the things my mother used to complain about I was beginning to feel . HELP  it was supposed to skip me who did not get that memo ?? The sweats and mood swings you can keep that too . Now I have a regular workout regimen , I do 6 5k's per year helps with the cardio

Back to the challenge so for thirty days no grain, dairy , peas , beans or alcohol (sigh !!!) no cheats no using #whole30 ingredients to make  non-allowed items i.e. Pumpkin bread . The premise of the eating plan is to break eating habits . You are asked not to snack if you can help it eat enough protein fruit and vegetables to not feel hungry . The thirty days to reset metabolism . 30 days without wine or beer , I can do it I've done it before when I was pregnant , none of my children would allow me to drink anything . The eldest would make me empty the contents of my stomach if I smelled alcohol .

I have five days left it's the home stretch . Not as difficult as I had thought it would be . My husband was the original serpent first week of plan .Bought  me a liter of wine so we could watch the game together . On the 20 days he has bought four loaves of Jamaican hard dough bread

( can smell the cornmeal porridge with the almond and nutmeg )that is  a no no too.

I had planned to step up my cardio but that has not worked as planned . Last week I was able to swim three times for fifteen minutes each session . This week will be a running week . Food wise I feel as though I'm eating slot of food in the morning don't need to snack . The monkey salad is so quick  easy it's a go to .

Finding foods with no sugar and no soy was difficult at times . Packaged and canned tuna is  out The plan is to eat more fresh organic foods and to cook your own food . My husband and I ate out once our Friday lunch date did not feel like a salad so I had a burger minus the bread with broccoli . He did finally get on broad with the program and cooked me some seafood with vegetables for Sunday dinner this week

I think I have lost some weight do not feel as bloated . My take away will be to reduce the amount of sugar , Limit my intake of wheat going to looking to almond flour . Not sure if I can give up my rice and peas ?? Or patties and coco bread . Some hard choices right there . I would do this again not during the holidays ( I don't celebrated the end year festivities ) I do enjoy the family gatherings and the food . Let me know your experience

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