I think my muscles have recovered from the shock

Week two I can seat down without using my hands for guidance first to easy my butt into a chair. Oh my goodness what did I do ?

Running four t I times per week is rough on this  old body , I had thought I was strong 3 workouts per week with weights was my back up. Me thinks I need to step up my game. On reading articles on training or  marathon the suppressing note that you may not lose weight , I can see that I'm eating everything insight , this week was not as bad . The good news will have killer legs ,can't wait for that !!

After a four mile run in 84 degree heat I'm ready for  a relaxing shower , it seams like a natural progression to easy into spa treatment mode, the urge to bath in sweet smelling essential oils is  over whelming. I settle for a body scrubbing mitt  with hand made soap. It occurred to me this is the perfect opportunity indulge , the body scrub  felt so good  a great reward to myself after a hard workout. Plan number two into action. It occurred to me that I should dig out the body scrub and body butters recipes  . Time to buy more coconut oil and shea butter main ingredient  for head to toe body care.

Try this quick and easy one

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

mix ingredients together.  Rub on skin while in the shower , massage and rinse

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