Why I still pay for cable?

Why I still pay for cable?

Why I am I still paying for cable??? I ask myself again this weekend. Oh yes...my husband wants to watch football.The only think I want from Comcast, AT&T or Direct TV is a high speed  internet connection  with no data overage charges. The world wide web  has a feast  of entertainment for all. As a former  community artist  who's  philosophy is access to  creativity expression for everyone. Todays social platforms  have truly provided  a medium for anyone to  create and publish  their work.

On to the good news and less of me rambling, this weekend I found a gem. "First " a Issa Rae  production, written and staring   Jahmela  Biggs along side co star Will Catlett.

An enduring story full of romance, awkwardness and  breath taking joy. I Loved it!!!!! This series is refreshing, light hearted drama full of smiles. Great chemistry between the two leads, a head bobbing sound track draws you into the drama. I hope you will be as hooked as I was.

Esipode 1

check out the this web series  let me know what you think.






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