Hardee’s, Why?

Hardee’s, Why?

I know I should be use to this by now.  Advertisers have been using the female body to sell merchandise for centuries.  However, when I made the mistake of watching The Voice live, instead of via my usual Hulu channels, I was confronted with the most baffling sight. Two gorgeous, scantily-clad women were fighting over a meat packed grill and "accidentally" creating a new juicy burger. Academically, I understand all the elements: exterior, dusty country fair, day, golden hay stacks, rusted Chevy pickups, american flags swinging, plaid crop-tops, tiny cut-off shorts, oversized fire pit, oily half-cooked prop-meat, jean wedge sandals and let's not forget....the mesmerized and drooling, cell-camera-armed men.  The combination was tailored to grab the attention of both sexes and in that respect it succeeded with patriotic flying colors. But as the two, pin-up-worthy, dames entwined their lean limbs to take the maiden bite of a Hardee's Memphis BBQ ThickBurger almost bigger than their heads, I only had one thought: "they would never eat that in real life."  But I guess that is the point of advertising, to make you desire what you never thought of before. Rather than angry, the whole thing made me feel lethargic, which is oddly the only "genuine" consequence of consuming Hardee's calorie, sodium and cholesterol packed, fast-food concoction.

But by all means, be your own judge...


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    Thanks Carroll! We’re new to blogging and podcasting too. Just decided to make a go of it. Glad to know that you’re following. We are always looking for interesting people and stories to promote, so we will definitely checkout your site. Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!

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