Community Arts and the Growning Years

Community Arts and the Growning Years

Feeling the high from the Beltline Lantern Parade last month so much yumminess to talk about.From the humble beginnings of a design thesis to transform 22 miles of an old  railroad corridor that would link some 45 neighborhoods in the city: walking/bike trails, public art spaces, housing, restaurants and urban regeneration and so much more. Seventeen years later there is a thriving community ready to create, serve and be whatever the community needs.  This active multi-purpose green space was home to the annual Lantern Parade on the Beltline. So much energy! The grand finally a gathering at the skate park. Food trucks,  mobile terraces and DJ's.

Let's step back a few decades, the origins for a project such as this rest firmly in the arms of Community Arts History. The use of  the arts to give a physical voice to the vision ,allowing the community to be apart of and take ownership  of a creative process. My own personal creative history is rooted in grass root initiatives of working class communities in the North of England. Key player at the time where Community Arts Workshop , Cartwheel , Common Word and Blackburn Community Arts team.

On a related note, the use of social media has become the perfect breeding ground for collaborative art projects.


In summer of 2013 with the help of Kickstarter supporters, we brought the celebration of Atlanta’s streets to the city streets by purchasing a Chevy P30 bread truck and converted it into a mobile photography gallery that displays a rotating selection of photos from the #weloveatl community. The truck rotates its selection once a month and travels to Atlanta-based festivals and community events (about 2-3 a month), with its location announced on Instagram and Facebook. All proceeds from print sales on the truck benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

I love this project , a series of images  posted on Instagram with the hash tag we love Atlanta these are then assembled into these mobile projects around the city, this mobile gallery, rolls along the Beltline, Ponce street market....Photo by Aaron Coury @the_atl_aaron


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