Bucket list

Just finished my workout with personal trainer planing to stay on schedule for marathon training. It’s been misty all morning is this the 30% rain ? Week one on track so far with distance know the areas I need to work on .

If you are wondering about this picture I just had to take this shot . Last week I saw two young women who had pulled over to play in the meadowlands I should have done the same . Not sure if I would be welcome , these wild flowers are part of a major highway , I wonder how many people actually see these flowers . Every year the city plants these meadows would love to know who’s idea it really is . #savethebees .

The mist is still holding on to the morning it’s 75 degrees time to get in five miles . First three miles okay but slow 15 minutes per mile not good needs to be twelve . Areas to improve endurance and breathing .

I am ready for week two reset my challenges on Fitbit did the NYC 10 miles in two days ,it rain all day so had to jog in the house . My family think I’m crazy this was further confirmation.

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