Beauty in Truth

Beauty in Truth

They tried to split us up outside VIP seating but the girls weren't having it!
Now, TalkingHeels sits in anticipation of the great, Alice Walker. We are at the BronzeLens Film Series screening of Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth at Georgia Tech's Ferst Theatre. The stage is set and the reception is winding down.

We braved hectic workdays, family drama and downtown Atlanta traffic but can do nothing but smile. Aldith remarks on the number of women in the audience sporting natural hair styles but we know it's just that type of event. One of the few times there are white poka-dots on a brown landscape.

Making documentaries on living celebrities is always tricky but the film managed to have a grounded earthy approach and not resort to starry-eyed drivel. I could recite the many affairs or Ms. Walker's estranged relationship with her daughter but I would rather encourage readers to go out and watch the film for themselves. We left the event with an enlighten spirit and some advice which I will share with you. Start a journal today. Write all your trials and tribulations down...then forget them. Life is too short and complex to burden yourself with past regrets. Now go off and live in the moment!


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