“And now the time has come da da daaa ….”

“And now the time has come da da daaa ….”

And in conclusion I finished my challenge #Whole30 I did it !!!! 

What did I discover ? The challenge for me was not about weight loss , I was interested in finding my triggers . Breaking habits , eating clean , restarting materialism, menopause and high blood pressure. The plan makes no earth shaking health claim that it will cure any of the issues I was concerned with. What it has done for me is to be more concision about what I eat. I do better when  I do not snack and stick to eating three times per day. I would eat more in the morning but it sometimes felt I was over eating . However my job involves me sitting all day and the snacking thing is a habit . Increasing my cardio did not happen and my  regular workouts decreased. I was tired in the evenings more but that could be due to the reduced exercise . Sleep quality improved per my fitbit less restlessness . Morning congestion greatly reduced  clearer head most mornings.

The big reveal for me as in the final ten days I had noticed the hot sweats were less frequent and not as intense Yeah !!! (In comparison to the first two weeks when it felt like they had escalated ) My number one take away was my blood pressure . I had done my annual bio metrics on the eleventh day my pressure was 165/83  which in the past two years not bad for me . I had been taking a low dose of Amlodipine but stopped 15 days into plan. My readings at the end of the plan have been 113/73 or 116/78    this used to be my normal two years ago.I had been drinking black coffee through out the plan . Sugar was still apart of the plan with all the fruit . On further research found out the top eight  things which affect you pressure are : Salt, canned tomatoes /pasta sauces , pickles ,canned soups, coffee, sugar,and alcohol. I really did not know the high sodium in my diet was causing the problem . Its time to change Paleo here I come , not sure how true i can be to the basic principals but clean eating is for me friends. I love eating pasta with sauce will now have to learn how to make my own will share my findings .


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