069 Miss Haze and JoyJoy

069 Miss Haze and JoyJoy

SistersPoet Miss Maze, Lyricist JoyJoy, and much more...

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Event: Saturday, January 17th @ 7pm - Mic Drop Spoken Word Poetry Night at InZone Bar & Grill (7245 Rockbridge Rd, Lithonia, Georgia) 

Show Topics

  • False Religious Divisions based on platform distractions
  • Keeping hold of your faith after seeing behind the religion curtain
  • Balancing traditional relationships with the quest to blaze new paths
  • JoyJoy's Shocking and Inspirational Confession
  • Ashley's encouraging words on the loss of a parent
  • Looking at controversy around Blue Ivy
  • The black community's struggle with homosexuality and self-hate
  • JoyJoy's advice for showing loving support
  • Brad and Angelina's Baby Shiloh's Gender Transition
  • Fox's New TV Series "Empire"
  • Both Poets on the Audience Dynamic
  • Java Monkey's Sunday Night Poetry Events
  • Ashley's University of Alabama Women's History Experience
  • Sam's hope for us finding relevance in difference
  • Ashley's Compulsion to teach better
  • AKA's reaction to "Soroity Sisters" TV show
  • JoyJoy: Finding The Correct Platform for Message
  • Ashley: Atlanta's Poetry Scene

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