016 Glass Houses

016 Glass Houses

Alternative Health Treatments, 3rd-World Economic Woes, Drugs in Sports and much much more….

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  1. Tracy says

    Just listened in. You all are wild women with a lot on your minds! Fun to listen to but some serious stuff. In the “3rd World Economics Woes” segment, the host went back and forth in references to Columbia/Cuba but I think she meant Cuba. I appreciate Aldith’s framing the issue in terms of the economics of scarce resources and hard choices. I’d also add a consideration of the post-colonial realities . . .maybe you guys got there but I clicked on a link and my podcast stopped playing. I can’t get it to start from where I left off so I’ll have to come back later. Till then — walk good!

    • Yolande says

      Also Tracy…if you happen to use a podcast subscription service (like iTunes) it’s easier to control your playback experience. Here is a direct link to our Podcast within iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/talkingheels-podcast/id577427632) but you would have to search for “TalkingHeels” in the Blackberry or Zune Marketplaces. Let us know if you need any additional assistance. Happy listening!!!

  2. Yolande says

    Tracy, you are so right. I did mean Cuba. I just had an up-and-coming Columbian trip on my mind. But a peso is not a peso everywhere. Good to know that you are listening and keep in us on our toes. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

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