013 Touchy Feely Things

013 Touchy Feely Things

Healing Breathing Techniques, Online Dating Woes, Theatre Now and much much more….

Show Topics:

  • Yogic Lifestyle and Pranayama Breathing
  • Image Conflicts and Ronda Lee Hair Controversy (http://www.11alive.com/)
  • Web Dating and CatFish (http://www.iamrogue.com/catfish)
  • Amnesty International Human Rights Event @ The Rialto (NBAF)
  • Salvador Dali Drawings Exhibition @ Wentworth Gallery (wentworthgallery.com)
  • Blaxpoltation Movie: Black Dynamite @ Apache (apachecafe.info)
  • Novel: Shades Of Gray
  • English vs. American Theatrical Productions
  • Daniel Beaty's Emergency (danielbeaty.com)

Photo Credit: CNN.com

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